“Interiors that lift the spirit”

Residential Projects

Whether it’s your house, appartement or holiday home. In or outside The Netherlands. I will create an authentic place that feels like home…

Commercial projects

Dreaming of a succesful restaurant, bar, hotel or work space? Let me create a place that makes it hard for people to leave…

Marielle van Essen


Through my own experience in work and private life, I noticed such a difference in what a space can do for you. It can either lift your spirit, or do the opposite!

A house feels like a home when layout, colors, materials, furniture and lighting is in balance and reflect your personality.

Same counts for commercial spaces like hotels, bars, restaurants and work spots. These should be spaces people love to be in and don’t want to leave. Intuitively these spaces just make them feel great and bring out the best in them.

Although every interior design is custom made by me for each cliënt, my style can best be translated as contemporary, timeless and luxurious.

Would you like to go on this journey with me?


How I work

Designing your private or commercial dream interior can be done in 3 steps.
Lets find out what works best for you!

1. Designing process

2. Realization of the design

3. Final styling


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